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Wolfgang Hottgenroth

This is a hobby-only homepage without any advertising or other commercial interests.

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So ugly ... why not Wordpress?

I shut down my homepage at since it was absolutely unclear to me which data was collected there. I decided to run the homepage on my own server again.

Although according to Art. 2 (2) c of DSGVO that regulation is completely irrelevant for me, since this is a hobby-only blog without any advertising or commercial interests, it appeared to me, that limiting the number of collected data could be a good idea.

For this system I know exactly which data is collected here: There is the Apache httpd running on a Raspberry Pi with FreeBSD bastion host, which proxies requests to the homepage engine.

The homepage engine is running in a Docker container on my small multi purpose server in the basement. It just logs which post or page is accessed and served, nothing more. If you like to have a look:

The logging of the homepage engine looks like this:

wn@mac:/opt/services/homepage$ npm start -- -c homepage.conf

> homepage@1.0.0 start /opt/services/homepage
> node dist/main.js "-c" "homepage.conf"

12:57:59.910 [ II ] Homepage starting
12:57:59.922 [ II ] building toc
12:57:59.937 [ II ] Homepage running
12:57:59.938 [ II ] Homepage is listening
12:58:19.008 [ II ] redirecting / to /index
12:58:19.142 [ II ] /opt/services/homepage/docroot/index.pag not yet in cache
12:58:24.178 [ II ] /opt/services/homepage/docroot/posts/2018-04-30.01/article.pag not yet in cache
12:58:25.550 [ II ] /opt/services/homepage/docroot/index.pag served from cache
12:58:26.985 [ II ] /opt/services/homepage/docroot/pages/impressum.pag not yet in cache
12:58:29.647 [ II ] /opt/services/homepage/docroot/index.pag served from cache
12:58:31.060 [ II ] /opt/services/homepage/docroot/posts/2018-02-22.01/article.pag not yet in cache
12:58:35.230 [ II ] /opt/services/homepage/docroot/index.pag served from cache
12:58:37.717 [ II ] /opt/services/homepage/docroot/index.pag served from cache

And since I'm quite bad in CSS, it currently looks so ugly.

Furthermore, this homepage does not use any cookies.